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Asthma Education

The CT Department of Public Health reports that New Haven had the highest hospitalization rate for asthma in the state during 2008. Coincidently, the state’s second largest sludge-burning incinerator is located in New Haven with negotiations afoot to have it burn sludge from 13 surrounding towns, increasing the environmental pollution burden for residents of the city. Fine particulate emissions are the highest in the state in New Haven, making that area out of compliance with federal environmental regulations for particulate levels as well as being out of compliance with federal ozone standards (as is the rest of Connecticut).

CCEJ and New Haven Environmental Justice believe the city's heightened asthma rates are tied to incineration and other sources of toxic air pollution. CCEJ has worked to educate the community on means to control asthma episodes and prevent its triggers in the home through a local Asthma Speakers Bureau. A new volunteer coordinator will revamp the ASB sometime in 2009. New Haven members interested to help contribute to ASB efforts or learn more about fighting asthma may join the NHEJN Asthma Council; please contact John Dixon through our Google Groups page to learn more.

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